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Welcome to the home of Benjamin Franklin - LIVE!

Interactive. Educational. Socially Relevant

Contact us for arranging a presentation, in person, or via VidChat

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 Benjamin Franklin is

one of the most recognizable of the Founding generation.

Approachable. Still relevant. Wise. Sassy. A Game Changer.

 You can visit with him today!

 Using the magic of Chautauqua, Ben Franklin lives again

(through the artistry of presenter/scholar GregRobin Smith).

For over 20 years, Mr Smith has transported Audiences, and Dr Franklin, to a place mutually respectful, of Conversation, Education, and Enlightenment.

 A fundraiser for your non-profit! An educational program for your school or group! An evening performance at your venue!

 Seen in Texas, Pennsylvania, both Dakotas, Washington D.C.,

the West Coast, and beyond.

 Learn more about the Presentation and how to bring Dr Benjamin Franklin to you.

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