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Fundraising with Ben Franklin~ How it can work for you


Also available for

  • Theatres

  • Community Centers

  • Businesses

  • Keynote address

  • Parades

  • Video Lecture, and

  • select Dinner Party engagements

Ben Franklin Fundraisers & Regular Public Performances

Community Groups, PTSAs:

You've tried Paper Drives, Cookie Sales, & Selling wrapping paper.

A Ben Franklin Fundraiser main event is over and done in one night.

  1. Contact us and arrange a performance date.

  2. GIVE your PTSA the tickets. They have months to sell them to co-workers and friends. 100 People selling just 5 tickets each at $10.00 a ticket is $5,000

  3. Come the Performance, your Audience is more than just Parents.
    It's your Community, your Tax-payers, Adults without children

  4. The Evening is spent in entertaining & educational conversation. This "Chautauqua" encourages Audience participation, Q&A, and full Interaction.  Contact us for details

  • Benjamin Franklin's popularity, his colorful life and legacy, his status as a 'favorite founding grandfather' and his influence on so many aspects of modern life makes an evening with Ben the perfect fundraiser for your cause - because he has something to say to everyone.

  • Civic Groups and Non-profits

  • Schools and Libraries

  • Causes and Civic Projects

  • The presentation is interactive in every sense of the word.

  • Each exchange takes on the special character of that evening's Audience. This experience of living thought surrounds the audience with a long-lasting and unique historical perspective, enjoyably full of imagination and discovery.

  • Contact us. We can send you press information, poster masters, and direct you to ticketing software to make this one of the easiest - and most socially beneficial - fundraisers your group will ever host.

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