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Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

About WSF and GregRobin

 The Washington Shakespearean Festival (WSF) manages a number of programs, including "Benjamin Franklin - LIVE!"
  WSF also produces videos and educational content, plays, papers, new works based on Shakespeare, Videos, Music Videos, Concerts, Classes Performances, Programmes, International Collaborations, and more.

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Benjamin Franklin

 Since 2001, GregRobin Smith has presented "Benjamin Franklin - LIVE!" to acclaim across the United States and beyond. From Texas to Israel, the Dakotas to Washington DC, join the thousands who have become Enlightened by the words, wit and vision of this most accessible of founding fathers by welcoming Dr Benjamin Franklin.

 GregRobin Smith:

 Actor, Performer, Educator, Fundraiser.

His goal has always been to improve the understanding and appreciation of the role of History to the modern education system.


 Benjamin Franklin, William Shakespeare,

Hands-on Interactive History Education,

the Performing Arts, and

"Writing in an Historical Voice".

 Currently the Managing Director of The Washington Shakespearean Festival, and CEO of Scholars for Educational Advancement (S.E.A.), "G.R." is a guest worth inviting. His versatility and command of various subjects (and an uncanny ability to link them all together) is always a fascinating experience.



 Creatively advancing the understanding and appreciation of the genius of the Middle Ages, The Renaissance, and the American Colonial era.

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GregRobin is a proud union member of AGVA -
The American Guild of Variety Artists

Benjamin Franklin
  • Benjamin Franklin's popularity, his colorful life and legacy, his status as a 'favorite founding grandfather' and his influence on so many aspects of modern life makes an evening with Ben the perfect fundraiser for your cause - because he has something to say to everyone.

  • Civic Groups and Non-profits

  • Schools and Libraries

  • Causes and Civic Projects

  • The presentation is interactive in every sense of the word.

  • Each exchange takes on the special character of that evening's Audience. This experience of living thought surrounds the audience with a long-lasting and unique historical perspective, enjoyably full of imagination and discovery.

  • Contact us. We can send you press information, poster masters, and direct you to ticketing software to make this one of the easiest - and most socially beneficial - fundraisers your group will ever host.

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