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Renaissance Faires/Shakespeare/Entertainment
Many programs. Many purposes. Master Classes/
Parties / Weddings / Celebrations / Corporate / Schools / Keynote Speaker / Theatre / Master Classes / Fundraisers / Grand Marshal / Interviewee / Instructor / Mentor
Benjamin Franklin

The Washington Shakespearean Festival

  • Educational Programs

  • Fundraisers

  • Theatre Master Classes

  • On-Line Programs

  • Summer Touring Festival

  • Museum Programs/
     Artifact Reproduction

  • Retirement Home Programs

  • Ben Franklin ~ Dinner Guest

  • Opera 101 (with special guest artist Operatic Soprano Eleanor Stallcop-Horrox)

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
  • Interactive Hands-On Education Classes in Renaissance & Medieval History. Includes: Armor, Dancing,
     Wool Spinning, Period Games, A Barter Faire, Heraldry, Songs, Theatre...

  • Theatre Master Classes (See our Flier) On Shakespeare, Adding Talents, Chautauqua)

  • On-Line Programs: Not local? Arrange an On-Line Experience

  • Summer Touring Festival: We are forming 5-Actor Troupes (for Actors 18 years+)

  • Museum Programs/Artifact Reproduction: Displays that can be handled by your guests.
    Demonstrations of techniques and tools from long ago

  • Retirement Home Programs: Educational & Engaging

  • Ben Franklin ~ Dinner Guest: Perfect for smaller gatherings

  • Opera 101: An introduction to Opera, or full recital, featuring Operatic Soprano Eleanor Stallcop-Horrox

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