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Ben Franklin Handouts

    Bringing the facts, dates and figures of History to life is easy - when

one of the central figures of History is the one telling the tale.

    In this Chautauqua (1st Person interactive) presentation, Dr Franklin is brought back to speak his mind, answer your questions and help connect modern audiences with this seminal period of our History.

     Brimming with personal anecdotes, humorous tales and heart-touching stories, your Audience's visit with Ben Franklin will remain vividly in their memory helping them untangle the mystery of where we come from, and where we may be going.


  Come talk with the Man, the Scientist, the Philosopher, the Journalist, the Ambassador, the Innovator, and the Loyal Monarchist... turned Revolutionary.


     Ask your questions. Become engaged. Experience History first hand by inviting Dr Benjamin Franklin to your School or Event.


     Programs can last from 30 to 90 minutes. The good Doctor always makes time to answer specific questions on his times and thoughts -
and on today's.


  Whether for a community group, civic organization, convention, conference or parade, having your Keynote/Guest of Honor be Ben Franklin will certainly create a buzz of interest.

There is almost no aspect of modern life that is untouched by Franklin's genius. Garden Clubs to Civic Groups. Business conferences, governmental (and NGO) gatherings and workshops. Libraries, Police and Fire conventions. Unions and Faith-based groups... all have a friend in Ben.

  Invite this favorite founding father to your event. His electrifying life and times will inspire you, and his simple philosophies will give you tools to improve the world.

  Since 2001, GregRobin Smith has presented "Benjamin Franklin - LIVE!" to acclaim across the United States and beyond. From Texas to Israel, the Dakotas to Washington DC, join the thousands who have become Enlightened by the words, wit and vision of this most accessible of founding fathers by welcoming Dr Franklin to your event.

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